Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

DJabberd Status: bug fixes, and roster flesh-out

Lest you thought I'd forgotten about it, I'm back to hacking on DJabberd. But without Artur today.

-- SSL fixed. I'd broken it during earlier refactoring.
-- iChat support fixed. it sends whitespace where other clients don't, and I was using the wrong method which wasn't skipping whitespace.
-- Roster Add(/Update)/Delete -- but only the place where I call the hooks. haven't updated the SQLite plugin to respond yet. also haven't done global roster pushes yet, which requires a hook phase for inter-node communication. should write a reference implementation of that using Spread.

Actually, that's not much. I'd hoped to finish more, but kept getting distracted. There was also some re-reading of the specs and code to catch back up.

-- finish roster hooks/APIs to the point where I can finish presence, which is largely untouched, but some of which kinda works already because we route messages around between users, even if we can't understand their magic.
-- get it all documented
-- make sure it works on a single node easily
-- run it on my own server, start testing it
-- use it in the office, with LDAP auth and roster support. (all of the company is on roster by default)
-- finish SASL
-- work more on LJ-specific internode communication and offline storage (not using SQLite! :))
-- ESN delivery to Jabber.
-- Jabber/LJ integration.
-- World Domination.
Tags: djabberd, tech

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