Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

LazyWeb: audio distribution

Dear Lazyweb,

Any problems splitting RCA SPDIF into two identical receivers? Sync issues?

I'm thinking of buying a couple relatively cheap amps instead of a massive speaker distribution system.

Okay, backing up: I want to get audio from a little MiniITX machine (with SPDIF out) out to like 20 speakers, all of whose speaker wire comes to one place.

The advantage to multiple cheap amps is I get zone control for free: manual on/off. Or automatic with remote-managed power strip.

If I get something big/fancy, I'd like serial port/etc control of muting speakers.

I don't even know what terms to Google for, and all my phone calls to installers aren't getting returned. Most frustrating.

Lovingly always,
Tags: audio, lazyweb

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