Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Voice Post: erin is a lush

118K 0:37
“Brad: Erin, um, why don't you tell us what you're drinking there?
Erin: I got some, uh, I got a big(?) can of Bud Light, and a glass of, uh, carrot juice. 100% pure orange carrot juice. [unintelligible]
Brad: That seems like that's pretty much the most godawful combination I can think of--
Erin: Wanna try some?
Brad: --I imagine both are ass by themselves.
Erin: [laughs] Well taken(?) together it's [unintelligible] fucking beautiful.
Brad: I believe Eric Case was the inspiration here, for the um, half the ass there.
Whitaker(?): Eric Case [unintelligible] mixed drinks, apparently.”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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