Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

hack hack

I hacked on a dozen projects tonight. It felt good. Also because I got to delete a lot of emails. Inbox down from 1,400 the other day to 938 now.

I'm excited for Nexenta. Debian + DTrace + Perl DTrace probes = dope. Could profile a bunch of stuff very well.

I googled for Nexenta Xen, hoping I could run it under a DomU, since I recently read OpenSolaris could almost run under Xen, and I'm seeing the Nexenta developers are also excited. For now I'll resort to VMWare, but that involves switching to the laptop and little screen/keyboard. Wish I'd waited a bit and got an Intel MacMini so I could run Parallels on my desktop.
Tags: tech

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