Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Ear Update

Just talked to Dr. Frank (scsi) about my ear and all my symptoms and he's convinced I broke my ear membrane thing. (like, the blood, and being able to gurgle/blow out of my right ear now if I squeeze my nose ...)

Which means I need surgery when I get back, says Dr. Frank.

And further, one of the two medicines they gave me is actually really bad if I broke the eardrum ("risk of ototoxicity" or something, says the phamplet). The doctor assumed I didn't break it but he couldn't see past the inflamation. Frank says the doctor should assume I /did/ break it (especially considering the blood), and not prescribe something that's dangerous to my inner ear if I did.

Yay. Fun stuff.

Thank you, Dr. Frank!
Tags: ear, life

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