Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

HFS restore

During the honeymoon I frequently moved photos from my 1GB compact flash card to my laptop, whenever it got close to full. I did this with rsync, because rsync's my homeboy and I know how it works.

This morning I went to do another batch, but this time bravely used the OS X Finder, and in the process unlinked ("deleted", if you will) a bunch of photos because one of the directories had an overlapping name ("DCIM1843"). When it asked,

"Duplicate files, do you want to overwrite or skip or cancel?"

I was like,

"I know for a fact there are no duplicate filenames, so sure, overwrite...."

(because I didn't want to cancel and didn't think about what "skip" might mean, like would it skip that directory?)

Instead it deleted the only copy I had of those 80 photos or so, deleting not just the directory but all the files in it as well. Stupid finder.

So I immediately suspended the machine while I thought, so no filesystem activity occured. Then found this, which gives me hope (but $145), then went and bought an external Firewire drive to image my harddrive, using my MacBook Pro in target mode, using Artur's laptop has a host, moving all data from my laptop (with 'dd') to the firewire drive.

Except I'm only getting 4 MB/s through it, even with two dd's running, one reading, one writing. For 100GB, that's 7.11 hours. Bleh.

Any suggestions to speed this up?
Tags: hate, tech
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