Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Image Labeler

The Google Image Labeler is fun/cute/clever. It's a "game" where you and a partner find common tags for images. It's a game in the same way telling a little kid "Let's see how fast you can clean your room!" is a game. But it's still kinda fun for a bit.

My partner and I got this image at one point:

And I immediately add:


(this is blind to him, other than how many I've added).

My partner hasn't added anything.

Finally he adds one, but it's not a match. A few seconds later and he passes, and it asks me if I want to pass. "WTF?" I think. Okay, I pass. He isn't getting it.

At the end of the game it shows you your partner's failed guesses. What did he guess?

Venn Diagram

Tags: funny

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