Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Another Car Break-in

dina's car got broken into again. The stereo was already gone, and she had nothing showing inside.

What did they take?

The garage door opener.

Fucking hell.

They even left CDs and a knife that were in the car's middle console. Did they really just want the garage door opener?

Garage door is now locked, house door is locked, etc. Means I have to find a manual online for my garage door and reset the frequency/code/etc. And get another garage door opener.

At least they didn't break the window this time (they slim-jimmed the lock?), so it's not as expensive?

How can I find these people and bust their kneecaps? I need a silent alarm on the car that alerts me inside the house so I can run out with a baseball bat. (as is, we can't hear the alarm from the bedroom downstairs, if it's even going off....)
Tags: hate
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