Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Hacking Update

Another hacking status update, following the one I did in June. Feel free to comment here with anything you'd like to see me fix/add in any of these (or other) projects.

mogilefs [svn]
Hacking level: Med Needs release: Med
Major refactoring and surge of new development in Jun 2006 for speed/robustness/readability. No protocol level changes. Works with any DAV server for storage nodes now too.


  • make mogstored have a apache/lighttpd assist mode, where they do HTTP, but mogstored still does per-node monitoring and usage file writing.
memcached [svn]
Hacking level: Low Needs release: No
Two major releases happened on 2006-09-09. See this post.


  • vbuckets
  • win32 merge (easy)
  • merge 3 authors/contributors files
perlbal [svn]
Hacking level: Low Needs release: No
Nothing major to do. Pretty much just works. Only adding new features/optimizations/tricks as needed.


  • add splice syscall support
  • low-priority queue & async plugin support
  • ongoing performance work
  • use new Danga::Socket::SSL to give it non-blocking SSL support
  • gzip content support (parallel .gz files). partially done.
djabberd [svn]
Hacking level: None Needs release: High
Pretty much just works, so development has stopped. Needs a release and publicity, opening the floodgates to plugin hacking.


  • write an example clustering plugin (Spread?)
  • rearrange repo to separate core vs. modules. complicated by dependencies with test suite. null (memory-storage-only) plugins in core for testing?
brackup [svn]
Hacking level: None Needs release: Low
Never started using it myself. It has a great test suite that includes backing up and restoring, both encrypted and not, but I never implemented the hooks for restoring in the Amazon plugin. I feel guilty about not using it, finishing any usage quirks I find, and releasing it. I'd love somebody to take this over for me if you're excited about it.


  • start using
  • amazon s3 restore support
gearman [svn]
Hacking level: None Needs release: No
Using it in production, but lacks a website/docs/etc.


  • website/docs
openid [svn]
Hacking level: None Needs release: No
David Recordon at Versign, the JanRain crew, and other members of the identity community are largely steering this boat now.


  • catch up on latest changes
  • write a credential/token passing extension ("Authorize $FOO to post to your LJ as you?")
Tags: status, tech

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