Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

LD_PRELOAD to auto-create debs

Hack I want:

If you do "make install" on a Debian system (or a system with good package management), you cringe because you just littered your package-managed spaces with manually installed cruft that isn't accounted for.

But making Debian packages for everything (even with dh-make-perl and other helpers), is still a pain.

What about an LD_PRELOAD wrapper that intercepts all filesystem O_CREAT/writes, records them all, then when the make install is done, removes them all, makes a deb with those contents, and then dpkg -i's it?

Sure, it'll be missing dependencies, and name might be wrong according to policy, and maybe lacking some require docs/changelog in right format....

But it'd be accounted for, and thus easily removable. And would display as a conflict if you added the official packaged version later.

Lazyweb, show me that this has already been done.
Tags: debian, lazyweb, tech
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