Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

brackup is done

Brackup 0.91 is out there now:

And uploaded to CPAN, so it'll show up soon.

From the changes:
0.91 (sep 29 2006)
  - there's now a restore command (brackup-restore)

  - amazon restore support

  - use gpg --trust-model=always for new gpg that is more paranoid.

  - mostly usable.  some more switches would be nice later.  real
    1.00 release will come after few weeks/months of testing/tweaks.

Thanks for all the help in my previous i-hate-gpg post.

Now, can somebody use vanilla-perl and PAR::Dist to make a Windows stand-alone .exe out of this?
Tags: brackup, tech

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