Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Bay Area


Chloe's for breakfast w/ Whitaker and Erin. (in Noe Valley)
{insert some LJ drama}
Then to Mt. View Ampitheater for "Download Festival". Fell into VIP passes via long story. Free beer. Thanks, Andrew! Whitaker and Erin also there. And Dan.
Back to SF to feed Major and bring him inside.
Then to Oakland (airportish) for Lisa's rollerderby bout. Took lots of pictures. Lots of 6aers were there, and Frank and Tiffany.
Then to Oakland (Jack London Square, wtf?) for after party ... most ghetto-fabulous bar ever. But more ghetto. Good stuff. Junior drank a lot. :-)
Back to SF.


Derby pictures later. Couple great ones, including perfect one of Lisa mid-fall, falling right at us (we were sitting on the floor). Okay, I just uploaded that one at least, and I guess it's not perfect... ISO too high. But at smaller sizes, can kinda get rid of it:

(full size)
Tags: life

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