Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Preparing for Moscow

Photocopies of important documents,
carry-on bags that fit just right (had to research that first),
warm clothes,
getting all my electronics, cables, power converters (us, moscow, london) together for:
phone, camera, laptop.
then packing all breakables into small carry-on all klotski-style,
including laptop bag inside carry-on bag, per (maybe?) UK restrictions.

new gadgets for trip:
-- laptop bag/glove w/ shoulder strap.
-- new Canon Elph? haven't got it yet. can't carry around massive SLR the whole time and my old Elph is .... very old.
-- new (er, first ever) iPod? dina's gonna pick it up for me? Because I won't have power on the long flight, so need music/podcasts/games/movies to entertain me. I'm going to see how much the upgrade from Economy to Economy Plus is (er, "World Traveler Plus"), because then I get a power outlet.

etc, etc.

so much for stress-free hacking this weekend.
Tags: travel

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