Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Pirate iPod

I just got my first iPod. It's black and has a pirate on the box. I think that means they want me to pirate music. :-)

In any case, this means that I have to:

-- fix all my ID3 tags (using MusicBrainz, probably)
-- learn how to transcode videos to play on this.

Related: I wanted to hate on the iTunes store a bit: ignoring the DRM issue (which is why I'll never buy music from them), could they suck any more at TV shows? Why can't I buy a TV show the second it's done airing on the east coast, or even the west coast? Instead I have to wait a couple days, which means in practice I end up getting it off Usenet instead. I assume this is studio-imposed nonsense.

Now I need to go buy some stupid iPod games for the flight. Tetris, mini-golf....

And wtf is Text adventures, jokes, and quizzes? When I google for "free ipod games", I'm hoping somebody has figured out how to build games for it. But I assume they're all DRM'ed and signed by Apple?

At least I can put Wikipodia on here and have access to lots of reading material on the plane. No wikipodia on 5th gen. :-/
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