Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

"Add to Library" hang

I've never seriously used iTunes, but I try it out every 6 months or so. Ever since iTunes 4.x, importing my music collection (Apple-O, "Add to Library") hangs. It's always some random spot and I then get this modal dialog box titled "Adding Files" with text "Processing: [some random song]" and it's using 99.7% CPU and "Not Responding" according to Activity Monitor, etc.

And then I force quit it, only to find it can't resume where it left off, because apparently it doesn't flush anything to disk while it goes, so you have to restart, basically doing it song by song.


It doesn't even matter if it's local disk or network ... this time I rsync'ed it all to the local disk ~/mp3/ to import, and it still hangs.

Do I have to write my own filesystem -> iTunes importer? Has this been done?

Dear Apple, this is pathetic.
Tags: apple, hate, tech

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