Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


3:52 am....
11:52 am...
2:52 pm ....

not sure.

Drinking a beer, catching up on the Internet, and commiting some hackery from the plane.

I did end up getting the cheap upgrade to WorldTravelerPlus(tm)(R)(sm), so I had power for my laptop. Also ended up with a good person sitting next to me... a cancer researcher PhD / molecular biologist / etc from Stanford. She did the same cheap upgrade at the desk thing, but said BA won't do it on the way back... only from the US. Sad.

Made some good progress on my MP3 tagging script. It actually turned out to be ridiculously easy.

In LJ/djabberd world, also made some good progress, but found I didn't have the Devel::Gladiator source code anywhere, so I wasn't totally sure if I was reproducing the leak.

I like the LHR airport (except for the security lines) ... everything's so cutely British in a way I can't totally explain. People movers on the left ... everybody calling you sir .... etc. The currency exchange teenager was all super polite (or normal?) when I asked to exchange $40 US to GBP. "The stores here will take your dollars, sir." Then the bartender was super nice taking my dollars for beer too.

So I'm sitting here with the laptop in the bar, looking at airplanes on one side, bar on the other, and big LCD screen showing gate info, when my flight (BA874) gets assigning a gate, which isn't until 30 minutes before it leaves.

Okay, rambling.... time to commit some shit. (but gotta go rebridge Parallels' NAT device or something, because it can't be smart and figure out if I'm on wireless or not .... or something....)
Tags: tech, travel

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