Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Russia, London

Sitting in London/Heathrow airport again, this time in the other direction.

Russia was great. It seemed to go really fast. Thank you again to everybody that took care of me, showing me around, driving me around, feeding me, recharging my SIM card when it expired :-), etc....

I chose an ~18 hour layover in London for this leg so I could get some rest and hang out with Simon. Slept at his place last night after hitting a pub where we had some most excellent bar food and several pints of beer.

After not sleeping much for many days in Moscow, last night's sleep was amazing. If you're ever in London and sleep-deprived, I highly recommend the floor of the SixApart-London office. :-)

Not looking forward to this upcoming 10h45m flight (BA287 LHR to SFO). No power in the seat (no cheap upgrade? should go check), and not enough reading material (should go find bookstore).

So I should go find entertainment and get off my ass now, since I'll have plenty of time for sitting on my ass soon here...
Tags: travel

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