Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

MacBook Pro freakout

So I have this fucking crazy habit:

At the end of the day I close my MacBook Pro laptop, put it in its case, and bring it home.

I know .... ! Fucking crazy, right?

So it's totally my fault when I come downstairs after dinner and hear my laptop case sounding like it's a got a frickin' vacuum cleaner inside, only to open it up and find my laptop, still closed, heated up to about 1 billion degrees with its fans running at full.

I then open it up, it resumes from suspend/sleep (surprisingly!), and about 20 seconds later the fans turn off from vacuum cleaner down to nothing ... tho' it's still about 0.5 billion degrees. I bring it outside and put it in the cold on my deck.

Tags: apple, hate, tech
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