Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

punked: brad as grazia / dolce gabbana supermodel

I just got punked.

I'm waiting for the actual punking, but I know it's coming. (In March, actually.... more on that later.)

So I'm sitting and merging requirements documents and hacking like a good little monkey when nl hands me a cordless phone. "Reporter", he says.

"Can we come over tomorrow and ask you a few questions and take a couple pictures?" (emphasis mine :)) Oh yeah, something also about that she works for Grazia, but I figure it's some Russian thing I don't know, rather than some UK girl thing I don't know, so I ignore it. I would've googled it but I wouldn't have known how to spell it from the phoentics on the phone.

So I say, "Sure, why not?" I figure this trip hasn't been as bad as the last one in terms of reporters, so I'll spare a few minutes. (Few minutes... hah.)

I later learn it'll be an hour or so. Wtf, why? I go out for the evening and forget about it.

I get a call from SUP employee (and ever-gracious host while in Russia) shaltai_boltai asking me for my clothing sizes... shoes, shirt, jacket, pants. Wtf? I don't know my metric sizes. I do the math later and tell her. Wtf?

So today I'm a little suspicious as noon approaches. And sure enough, they come with a full photography studio and like 5 people doing different things... lighting, clothing, makeup, hair, (oh yes, the 5 minute interview), creative director maybe... and somebody else? No clue. Ton of people to take some pictures and try their hardest to make me pretty.

And then I see the Dolce Gabanna receipt... they went and bought like $1,000 of clothes. One item alone was like 10,000 RUB (~$400). Wtf? (at least they're returning it all, photoshopping out the tags... heh)

I changed outfits like 3 times, had makeup done, had hair done multiple times... WTF.

So I guess it's some Italian/UK chick magazine that's starting in Russia next year and I was totally tricked into it. You should've seen these ridiculous clothes. Well, hell, I'm sure you'll see it when it hits the Internet. Because I know some punk is gonna scan it and post it online. Damn Internet. :P

Pretty embarassing, standing on a table in front of all the programmers, losing any technical credibility by the second. I told the CTO, Sergei, to send out an email to his team in Russian saying that I'd rather be hacking and this was totally jacked up. Between laughing and going bright red (with the others from the balcony), I think he agreed to, but I don't think he did. The programmers were taking pictures from their camera phones and giggling.... maybe that'll go online soon for a pre-March punking.

Seriously, this clothes .... wow.

So, uh, my punking is in March or something in Russia when somebody buys this magazine and scans it.
Tags: russia, wtf
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