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House Problems. I lose.

Upstairs slate/tile deck is leaking due to terrible design and work. Slope is wrong, membrane not installed right (or missing), ... water getting into house. Cost to fix: $10,000 - $12,000? wtf?

Two ceilings probably with water damage due to aforementioned deck problems... cost to fix: $n,000. Where n = ????.

Second slate tile deck probably also needs same repairs as first. And maybe entryway tiles too.... another $n,000.

Oh, and septic/sump tank is clogged. Needs fixing. "Oh, that'll be at least $1,000."

Oh, but first I have to have a carpenter undo half the deck so sewer people can get into the tank and unclog it. "Few hours" of work, whatever that costs.

So I'm smelling like $20-$25k of bullshit repairs? (seriously?)

Oh, insurance? Maybe. Had 1 year home insurance for unforeseen problems, but I think it expired 6 days ago.

So ... angry, dejected? I don't know. Fuck all this.
Tags: hate, house
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