Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

New Year's Party

New Year's party at our place, if you[1] wanna come.

When: 8pm - sunrise? Come/leave whenever.
Where: Noe Valley. ask somebody (or me) exactly where.
Bring: alcohol? ipod of tunes? noise makers? Whatever.
Wear: whatever. Some people will dress up, some won't.
Venue: house. 3 floors/decks, backyard. safe for clausterphobics.
Guests: sure!
  • Parking: Plenty. And you can (should) crash on a couch/bed/floor instead of driving home.
  • Muni: take the J to Church & 27th/28th/29th ish and walk up. Or the 24 bus to Noe & 28th and walk up. Or the 35 bus to Diamond & 28th and walk down.
RSVP? Would be nice, but not required.

[1] You ∈ {{IRL, Internet} friend, coworker, single girl, somebody we've met before, S.O. of aforementioned, ...}
Tags: party
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