Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Apartment in Russia

I'm pretty excited about going to Moscow tomorrow morning. It'll be colder than I think I've ever experienced, I know maybe a few dozen Russian words now instead of the 4 or so I knew on previous trips, and I'm staying at this temporary apartment instead of a hotel, and it has бесплатный безлимитный скоростной интернет ... free ____ ____ internet! Probably high-speed, but Google translates it as "oven speed" or "oven expressway". yay oven-speed internet! Maybe it's red hot fast. :-)

Oh, and certain pharmacist friend gave me Lunesta, so I can sleep through the flight and just magically wake up in faraway land.

Unfortunately, I've yet to pack. Never good at that.
Tags: russia, travel

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