Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Russia thus far

Apparently, when I don't post, friends and family assume I'm freezing to death and/or in a drunken stupor. So let this post serve to dispel both fears. I am sufficiently warm and alcohol consumption has been impressively minimal.

A recap, since I have nothing else to do at the current hour,

Saturday: arrive. very long, active, diverse, wonderful day/night. some sleep might've happened somewhere around 7am.

Sunday: morning (well, noon) was wonderful, including a sight I'd previously never seen in moscow: blue skies and sun! along with the snow and such, was entirely great. went on a picnic in the woods with nura at her family's country place. also dolboeb and shaltai_boltai. was crashing in the car on the way back to the city, so nura took me home and I slept for like 13 hours.

Monday: work. buy groceries/etc. go to bed early.

Tuesday: wake up at 2:30 am confused.

And there we are.

Nothing's more depressing than being out of time sync in another country.

I swear I had a dozen anecdotes that would've been more interesting than this post, but they're nowhere to be found. Maybe later.
Tags: life, russia

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