Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Last work day in Moscow...

Today's a holiday in Moscow ("Army Day", aka "Men's Day"), so nobody's at work, nobody's on the street, etc. Last night there was a little Men's Day party at the office in the evening with music, beer, peanuts, and chips. We also got presents from the girls. I like this holiday.

So despite it being a holiday today, I'm at work with about a handful of other dedicated workers. But I think I'm done, so I'm outta here.

Mischa's still in bed I think. We were playing poker until 3am last night. I was down $80 at one point (2,000 rubles), but ended the night only $32 down.

Oh, and we were walking in -26C (-14.8F) weather last night. I was wearing some nice (read: thin) pants, not jeans, and no long underwear. I win. I thought it was fun, though. Especially getting into the taxi and feeling my legs pulsating for 10+ minutes as the heat returned to them.

Good stuff.

Not sure what my plan is this weekend. I leave Sunday from SVO at 12:55, arrive SFO at 21:09 same day.
Tags: life, russia, travel

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