Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Errand Day -- success

This morning I awoke at six, made a to-do list a mile along, and have been attacking it with vigor all day long. Much stress relieved.

Many to-do items (such as "opening 2+ weeks of mail") led to many more to-do items (like "renew DAN membership" or "harass t-mobile about lame rates"), but overall I'm still making progress.

I'm particularly happy about the changes I just made to my T-Mobile bill. After getting a $170 bill for last month that was largely SMS charges, I decided to stop being lazy and look into it. It turns out SMSes are only $0.01 each if you pay $10/month for 1,000. Definitely beats the default rate of $0.10. Or I could kill almost all potential volatility in my bill and pay $15/month for unlimited. (Also amusing: I had a $5/month SKU on my bill which hasn't been offered since 1999 or something, which I was no longer using, and is nowadays included free in the $10/month messaging bundle anyway, so really it's only $5/month for my 1,000 sms/month, or $0.005, 20 times cheaper than before...)

Enough distractions. Onward!
Tags: life

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