Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

LazyWeb: PulseAudio, Squeezebox, music distribution/sync ...

Dearest Lazyweb,

Long time no talk. How've you been? Good, good.

Question for you... kinda a repeat of one I've asked before...

I want to be able to play music from any computer in the house, and have it sent to four devices, in the house, all synced. The four major devices in the house are:

-- Squeezebox, downstairs: feeds 20-some channel amp for speakers in ceilings.
-- Squeezebox, upstairs: feeds receiver upstairs for good living room speakers
-- Mac, office: pretty good computer speakers (but Mac can run software slim player)
-- Linux box, garage, hooked up to garage speakers (also can run software slim player)

Now, the Squeezeboxes can all sync with each other, but I have to play music from the kinda ghetto web interface, and often I just downloaded something to my mac desktop or somebody brought over their iPod or something, and I can't get the audio into the server to get onto the 4 devices.

So I want, from any location, to inject sound into something that then streams/pushes it to all the Squeezeboxes.

Ideally, I want a place I can plug in an iPod (just the headphone jack) or play music from iTunes in my office, and have it go everywhere.

Bonus points if your solution involves somehow what I hear is the new sexiness, PulseAudio. (finally a soundserver done right? so I read/hear, but of course skeptical.)

For the injecting-from-Mac-desktop side, is there an output sound driver I can switch to on the Mac, that sends the audio data across the network to ... something?

Any solution that involves more computers instantly loses.

Only tangentially related, USB-IP is cool and something I've always wanted, but it was just removed from -mm because of conflicts and lack of maintainership? Sad.

Love always,

P.S. This LazyWeb question would be better if I knew what I wanted more.
Tags: lazyweb, tech

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