Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Motorcycle Riding: Day 1

Back from 5 hours in the sun in a huge parking lot running motorcycle drills. Good times.

It's trippy how far you can lean in corners, how much you can swerve, and just how generally stable they are, even at pretty low speeds. All very impressive.

Even more excited now to go buy one.... I'm thinking Monday. Enough people have been recommending the BMW F650GS as one of their recommended beginner bikes, it looks like what I want (or rather, it doesn't look like something I don't want), and I haven't heard anything against it (anybody?), so why not?

Regarding ABS brakes --- I'm sure a sizable percentage of motorcyclists would abhor such a modern offense to the purity that is traditional braking systems, but would anybody non-religious about the issue give me the pros & cons regarding ABS on a motorcycle? I'm sure one con is that I could get into bad habits with a linked/smart braking system (I assume ABS implies linked?), hindering my ability to ride traditionally-braked bikes? But other than that...? Any major cons? If not, safety comes higher on my list than purity of tradition, and I'm inclined to get the ABS option. Any viewpoints to make me think otherwise?
Tags: motorcycle

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