Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Weekend In Review

This is going to be a really brief overview of stuff and this weekend. Much happened. Notably, (=FR dina|Dina FR=) came up and spent the weekend. And yes, parents, she slept in my room, and yes parents, (=FR mikerode|Mike FR=) (my roommate) slept over with (=FR eli|Eli FR=) and (=FR marcus|Marcus FR=). And yes, parents, Dina and I were somewhat good and responsible. Still, who cares.

What else happened? In addition to (=FR mikerode|Mike FR=) and Dina, I hung out with Eli and Marcus a bunch. We all went to a Pink Floyd laser light show downtown Seattle. It kicked ass.

Eli and I went on a bike ride today over to (=FR ryanhofer|Ryan Hofer's FR=) college. We hit a 7-11 over there but the Slurpees were just terrible.

And we've all been eating a lot of ice cream up at Café Terré (non-fat, so it's good for you! heh). The place isn't really called Café Terré, but we like to call it that. It's just the cafeteria that's in the Terry dorm a block above us. There isn't a cafeteria in our dorm. The only food is the Pop Tarts that I've been microwaving to a soggy perfection each morning. Eli has a toaster though. I should go microwave my stuff over there.

I've been fixing a bunch of people's computers around here. What's new? And my roommate's computer is still fucked. We FDISK'd the whole thing to eliminate some legacy device drivers we couldn't kill but now because his floppy drive is bad we can't even get it to load MSCDEX to get DOS talking to his Toshiba CD-ROM to re-install Windows 95. Pain in the ass. All the king's horse, and all the king's men, couldn't put Mike's computer back together again.

So we're working on that still. And my new provider for has some problems. What's new? They're good at some stuff but their mSQL database seems hell of slow. That cuts a bunch of the fun stuff I like to do with tying the web and database servers together. You get the slowest of the two... not good.

Well, that's it. Brief, wasn't it? I should clean my room. This place is getting messy. And I have a LOT of laundry to do. I keep putting it off. It's been nice all weekend. You wanna bet that it rains tomorrow? We'll see. Night!
Tags: bike

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