Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Treo garage door opener

I wired up:

Treo hot key to URL...
Linksys port forward 443...
Perlbal (speaking SSL), forwarding to...
xinetd listening on random port...
script speaking HTTP, which...
uses "heyu" to send X10 command over serial port, to....
momentarily close a relay, which...
closes the circuit on a new set of garage door wires I ran, which...
opens (or closes) my garage door.

So basically bike home (either bike), pull out phone, hold down the "G" key for 2-3 seconds, browser loads page, and my garage door opens.

Except the treo browser crashes and the phone reboots after I agree that it's a self-signed cert. And the server never gets the HTTP request. If I do it from my real browser, the garage door opens as expected.

So do I....?
  • Fix SSL issues in Perlbal that caused it to crash? But all browsers work on Perlbal, and presumably the Treo "works on all SSL servers". Or something.
  • Run this not over SSL? I'm afraid of T-Mobile pre-fetching my shit "for me" and opening my garage door while I'm at work. Much less chance of that/related crap with SSL. I don't even know if the SSL termination is on my phone or elsewhere.
  • Use stunnel or something? (no fucking way I'm getting near Apache and SSL... I hate that stuff.)
But maybe it's in the end the self-signed certs that crash the Treo, not the server. *shrug* But hell if I'm paying for a cert.
Tags: hacks, tech

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