Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Wherein Brad does ~20/30(?) mile ride around city

Observations from long ride all over the city in the extreme fog & wind:
  • Heated hand grips are a lifesaver! Holy crap they're nice.
  • San Francisco is awesome. So pretty.
  • Wind is crazy. Damn. Felt like I was being pushed all over. Loved it.
  • Oh, condensation... that's what that is! You gotta wipe off your visor sometimes when it's all windy and foggy driving up & down the coast.
  • A 6th gear would be nice. I frequently found myself shifting into non-existent 6th gear.
  • Don't pull into a scenic rest area parking spot, facing downhill. Damn. Almost didn't make the turn back out. Would've been embarassing to ask adjacent car to back out so I could leave.
My route was:
  • Diamond Heights,
  • Market,
  • Fell,
  • the park,
  • beach, Cliff House, the baths, back down to Cliff House,
  • Great Highway (or whatever), down the coast...
  • Skyline...
  • San Mateo county line...
  • 280 back to San Jose avenue.
Tags: motorcycle

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