Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Need a new phone. Treo's dead.

5 months after its 1 year warranty expired, my Treo 650 just shat itself for the final time. The keyboard's all whack now, pressing random keys on its own, not responding to other keys, etc.

And given that OpenMoko isn't quite ready yet software-wise, I should buy another phone. So...

Dear Lazyweb,

I need a new phone!

The new phone has the following properties, and you'll tell me what phone it is:
  • QWERTY keyboard -- for thumb-killing fast SMS'ing.
  • GSM, Quad-band, Unlocked -- gotta use it in Russia and Europe and Japan, and with pre-pay SIM cards not from T-Mobile
  • Sufficiently Hackable -- can I put apps from the Internet on it?
  • Good IMAP client
  • ssh client
  • Camera
  • Menus and navigation that don't offend me -- I don't want spinny animations and offensive shit common in the slow-ass gimmicky "Java phones"
So, what do I want?
Tags: hate, lazyweb, tech, treo

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