Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Stress; 24 hour count-down....

24 hours until I leave for Belize (then immediately Tokyo).

In that time I need to:
  • Finish YAPC presentation -- because no computer (nor Internet?) in Belize, and I don't want to work while on vacation anyway. Plus somebody (Tatsuhiko?) needs to translate into Japanese ahead of time.
  • Pack for Belize -- including making sure all my dive gear is together
  • Pack for Tokyo -- including printing maps/directions from airport to hotel, conference venue, and SAKK offices. And getting phone numbers together, etc, etc.
  • Finish cleaning dishes from last night's Cooking-at-Brad's event.
  • Finish some work-related stuff so people can make some progress on things while I'm gone, and I'm not holding stuff up.
Kinda stressin'. I need to go hit a store and get some caffeine, I think. Too sleepy.
Tags: life, whine

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