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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Tokyo [Apr. 3rd, 2007|06:59 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
[Current Location |Tokyo, Japan]

Made it to Tokyo, and to the hotel (which is wonderful).

Off with Ben now on a subway adventure to meet up with folks for dinner.

More later.

From: evan
2007-04-03 03:05 pm (UTC)
If you get a chance, go to shinatatsu in shinagawa and eat at the northernmost ramen place. It's easy to find: take the west exit of the shinagawa JR station and follow the sidewalk south, because it's sorta under the train tracks.
Here's a picture:

Oh man is it good. Expect a bit of a wait to get in -- you'll recognize it by the long line of people in front. The second one (just south of the northernmost) is pretty good too and doesn't have as much of a wait. You may wanna bring a Japanese speaker because they don't support English there.
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