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Wherein Brad whines some more... - brad's life — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Brad Fitzpatrick

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Wherein Brad whines some more... [Apr. 9th, 2007|08:59 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
[Tags|, ]

After a week of being off the grid in Belize, I was really looking forward to getting caught back up on everything here in Tokyo.

But with the exception of the Internet access at Dan Kogai's house, my connectivity has been utterly depressing this trip. The conference had overly congested Wifi that barely worked, and my hotel's wired ethernet, while incredibly fast and low-latency, seems to drop my connections every couple minutes, then proceed to drop all packets for 5-30 seconds. Sometimes I have to unplug and plug the Ethernet back in for it to come back alive. And when it comes back alive, it intercepts DNS requests (even if I'm using OpenDNS), and does its own dumb stuff, including bouncing me through its own HTTP server that tells me it's loading the page I requested. (uh, thanks.) Then redirects me to the original place I'd done a DNS lookup on.


Oh yeah, and I keep getting zeroconf-style link-local addresses from other people in the hotel when the DHCP server is slow (which is like always). So I had to hard-code. (and no, my connectivity problems aren't because I'm hard-coding... it happens even with assigned IPs... and I'm getting no warnings about other MAC addresses using my IP, like everybody was at the conference...)

What does it take to get hotel net access that doesn't blow?

Looking forward to getting back home and having reliable net access, ergo keyboard, and a mouse. And not living out of a suitcase.

[User Picture]From: mtbg
2007-04-09 07:52 pm (UTC)
Residency hotels FTW. My employer of a couple summers ago put me up in such a place. Every so often, an HTTP request would get rewanged to some PHP script running on a box in the basement (or somewhere) that was supposed to show a pop-up. This pissed me off for the first couple days I was there, until I turned off pop-up blocking to see what the hell it was trying to tell me, and got a window with a "Give me a static external IP address" button. The redirecting didn't stop, and occasionally the system forgot that I'd clicked through the EULA and cut me off until I clicked through again (bad when I was at work and Google News auto-reload triggered this), but I ran a Jabber server from my room all summer.
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