Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Hammock Failure

I bought a hammock in Belize.

I bought some hardware at Home Depot last night to hang it on my office deck, diagonally between two beams.

I shrugged at the "not for carrying human weight" warning on both the clip and hook mount, considering a single clip said it could bear 280 lbs and there's no way 560 lbs is getting in the hammock anyway. So whatever, no problems....

I was wrong.

It worked for a bit, but not once I started bouncing and swinging in it as a stress test.

In fairness, and to highlight my stupidity, the hook mount didn't have a max load weighting. I'd figured, "hey, it's metal! and that other metal thing says 280 lbs!". But the hook mount was two parts, and the welding busted. I should go find one that's one part.

Tags: broken, life
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