Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Obligatory Post

It's been brought to my attention that I haven't posted in awhile.

Some bullets:
  • Going to Seattle in a few hours (3:55 pm). Much <3 to jope for offering his guest bed Friday night.
  • Continue to release a lot of code. I didn't anticipate the side-effect that ShipIt would speed up development so much... I thought it'd just make releases less painful. Turns out it makes it so less painful that it doesn't interrupt my momentum, and also I now look forward to finishing projects just so I can type "shipit". :-)
  • Motorcycle firsts recently: bridge, lane splitting in traffic, fastrak, bridge again (this time no traffic & very fast). Much <3 to motorcycle. Best mode of transportation ever.
  • New low/height of laziness/delegation reached (however you want to look at it): I got a personal assistant, found via craigslist, to do personal shopping, errands, etc. "Whatever's legal. So if you want me to drop off a kilo somewhere, I can't really help you with that..." So I've met with her twice now, lunch intro and house walk-thru to jog memory of things needing to be done/bought, and on that same day the house cleaners and gardeners also came. Delegation! Works for me. I'd feel guilty about laziness if I weren't so unstressed and getting software out the door.
  • dan_erat and I made pasta by hand on Wednesday (the weekly cooking night for anybody who wants to come), as well as this dope 3-meat ragu with dozens of vegetables that cooked for about 2 hours. Best "your mom" joke of the evening, pity that whitaker missed it... Dan: "Just keep kneading it.." Me: "Your mom just kept needing it...". Dan gave me a 5 for the pun.
  • I signed up to run the Bay-to-Breakers 12k run (7.4 miles) coming up in ~month here. I've been trying to wake up early and run, but today I missed the 7am alarm and awoke at 11am. Whoops.
Tags: life

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