Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Seattle, Home, Running, etc...

Seattle was great. As much as I anticipate how pretty Seattle (or Portland) is before I fly in, it still always shocks me... love the green/nature/water/cleanliness. It was nice seeing hellarad, bostonsteamer, their crazy kids, jope, boonedog (thanks again for letting me crash there!), and marcuso, who introduced me to a cool venue with a cool show (although the opener, Hardnphirm was almost cooler... go watch their videos).

LinuxFest NW was good. Well-organized, nice little city (Bellingham), friendly people. Nice seeing the SiMech folk again (who paid for my trip), as well as Brian Aker (krow), and chromatic and Allison Randal (Perl/Parrot people), who I ate with back in Seattle (at Cedars, in the U District). Oh, I also spent Saturday night in Bellingham drinking with blythe who was in town visiting her family, who now live there. (heh, I love how family is singular: "her family lives...", but the relative pronoun "who" there is plural: "family, who live". Tangent.)

Oh, and props to jope for introducing me to a cute-as-hell Internet reporter, Mónica Guzmán, whom Marcus tried valiantly to get to join us at the show but failed. :)

Woke up at 6:30 am today at Marcus' place, drove to airport, flew back to SFO, took (free) BART to 24th/Mission, and walked home (still hating cabs). After some deliveries/appts at 1:30, I promptly fell asleep around 3:00 pm and slept until 8:30 pm. I win!

Just got done with a 5 km run, ~26 minutes. I think my goal is to do Bay to Breakers (12km) in an hour. Seems quite doable.

Time to catch up on email & hack.
Tags: life, random, travel
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