Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

1:30 am three-bridge motorcycle ride

I decided to go exploring at 1:30 am. I ended up going 44 miles across 3 bridges in the Bay Area...
  • Lack of traffic is fun.
  • Gusty wind is fun.
  • Fastrack is fun. And I don't need to actually stick it on the velcro I recently put on... it works from little locked storage area. Time to remove the velcro thingies.
  • Had never been on San Rafael bridge before!
  • Started to rain when I was in Marin and harder on the Golden Gate bridge... rain is fun. Lack of rain gear ... not so much. Kinda soaking wet now, and my shoes/socks are drenched as well.
  • Golden Gate at night w/ fog is creepy.
  • Those large earthquake-buffering metal teeth on the Golden Gate ... shit. Be ready for them! First set of them shook me pretty good, kinda freaked me out. Yay for instinctively auto-correcting.
  • Going up steep hills (like Divisadero, near Lombard, going up to Broadway) makes it easy to accidentally pop litttle wheelies. Lean forward, accelerate slower than normal.
  • Divisadero is slippery when wet. I got to feel the ABS a few times. (admittedly mostly on purpose, once I saw it work the first time, braking down a hill)
  • Some asshole ran a red light on Geary, as I was crossing with my green on Divisadero. He broke hard, I accelerated hard... we missed by feet.
Good times!
Tags: motorcycle
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