Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Between the weather, festivities, motorcycling, incredibly productive nighttime hacking, and sleeping in until noon both days... pretty awesome weekend.

MogileFS is in the sexiest shape ever. Motorcycle now has 604 miles on it, so I can bring it in for its first service, which means I can then rev it up higher. Dolores Park is the best, especially with good weather or holidays. Ran into a bunch of friends there. Tilden Park (in Berkeley) is also awesome... took motorcycle out there today for the first time and joined a picnic with Edward, his family, and friends. Everybody was speaking Russian. I caught words/phrases here and there, and got the gist of a few things, but I think I was most successful communicating with Edward's almost-2-year-old twins. That's about my level. The twisty curves in that park are awesome... must go again soon.
Tags: life

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