Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Fight, 911....

I live in a pretty nice, quiet, safe neighborhood. So it was a bit unexpected today to crest the hill right before my house and land right in the middle of a pretty awesome fight currently in progress...

One guy with a stick, the other with a glass bottle.

Both with bloodied faces.

I park my motorcycle and go to dismount when I notice one guy has flocked to my side for protection, and the other guy is on the other side of my motorcycle, me stuck in the middle still on my motorcycle while they yell "Punto!" and such across from me, holding their respective stick & glass bottle up, ready to strike.

I quickly turn the motorcycle back on and pull away (into the middle of the street) and dismount, just as the one guy throws a glass bottle and it explodes all around us, and into my driveway. One guy's yelling for me to call 911. My cellphone doesn't work in my house, so I stand out in the street, in the middle of this all, and try to hear the phone (it's really windy out... hard to hear).

911 sucks & takes forever ("All operators are currently busy.... Todos los operadors estan occupado...") etc, etc.

Finally I give one person the address and they transfer me. More delays & busy operator messages. I give up and hang up, since it looks like the fight is over and the men are walking away. But then the little guy runs up to the other and hits him in the back of the head or something and the fight resumes in earnest.

I was starting to feel guilty for hanging up on 911 but then police start arriving, and the angry man with the glass bottles (it turns out there were several, since I can now see them exploded up & down the street in several locations...) is fighting back, this time with the police. (the guy who'd asked me to call 911 is sitting on the ground recovering, letting the police take care of crazy man who they're trying to get into the back seat...)

It took awhile to clean up all the glass so I could move the motorcycle into the garage, but at least I could watch the increasing number of police deal with the situation.

Good times.
Tags: random

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