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I will here recount the awesomeness that was this weekend, starting with Thursday night, because the weekend is when I say it is.

Thursday night
Henry proposes Walzwerk for dinner. General consensus that that is a brilliant idea. Further consensus that we should ditch our gasoline-powered vehicles and switch to thigh-powered bicycles. While both are technically illegal to operate drunk, a bicycling-under-the-influence would just be funny, and we only really risk hurting ourselves, not others. Who gets arrested for BUIs anyway? I'd love it... best blog post ever. Anyway....

After Walzwerk excellent food and excellent beers, we proceeded to Homestead, drank a bunch of whiskey, and I received an SMS from █████ that ████ who ███████ █████ ██ was at ███ bar, so most of us then proceed there on bicycles (always fun), and we proceed to drink more.

I end up ███████ the ████ ████, while lisa, leaving a bit earlier, proceeds to crash her bike, which I find out about Friday.

Hungover. Thank God for free breakfast Fridays at work. Some stuff. ██████, etc.

Hung out with The Major all evening/night, a lot of which was spent at Dolores Park with beckmart and her dog Nola. Major's crazy. Love him.

Diving with daveman692 and whitaker in Monterey. Fucking awesome.

Then party later at Noam's with Beau. There was much alcohol, strawberries, and iPhones. Noam is, in his own words, an "enabler".

Cake party at Becky and Tessa's place, with many a dozen friends. After exorbitant quantities of sugar and cheese, proceeded to Dolores Park (love Dolores Park!) for all sorts of circus-clown-related activities:
  • Slacklining
  • Walking on hands (my speciality)
  • Flips, rolls
  • Frisbee
  • Tennis
Slacklining is pretty awesome. I need to hone those skills.

As 7pm rolled around, I had to leave, but this dude Avi Cohen (he's crazy; watch) had joined our party at the park (we didn't know him), showing how awesome he was at slacklining and walking on his hands and motorcycles and whatnot. Anyway, I leave, but he follows me home (wtf?), me riding home semi-responsibly, but him riding almost the entire way on just his back wheel. wtf? So I get home and he doesn't notice I'd stopped, and he keeps going uphill on his back wheel, pretty much blowing through a stop sign, and continues up the next hill on his back wheel. Respect, I guess. Crazy fucker.

Then dinner with Kevin Rose and what was essentially the entire Pownce crew (or most of them). Good people. Love Fresca. Then back to my place while they killed time prior to an airport pick-up, and more wine, and more wine.

And here I am.
Tags: life, scuba

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