Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Virgin America plane tour

I got invited to take a tour of one of the pimped out Virgin America [wikipedia] planes this morning. In addition to the excitement of being on the SFO runway without going through any sort of security whatsoever (wtf?), the plane was also incredibly cool.

Every seat, including economy, has:
  • power (regular US jacks, not EmPower)
  • Linux-based IFE with:
    • music/video on demand
    • qwerty keyboard on backside of in-armrest controller (seat-to-seat chat with other passengers)
    • save your playlist, it follows you to your next flight
    • order food/drinks, optionally pay with credit card, have it delivered to your seat
    • Doom and other open source games (they're letting people develop on their platform, too)
  • USB jack (charge your ipod, plugin your own mouse/keyboard, etc)
  • ethernet jack (wifi also on board)
  • ..
The plane also has great seats and crazy mood lighting.

I guess the whole thing (website, central servers, 3 servers in belly of aircraft, IFE, etc) was designed from the ground-up to integrate together, not careless slapped together later.

Should be fun to fly when they start doing flights.
Tags: tech, travel

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