Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


evan told me about this site:

I'm totally addicted. In a nutshell, it:
  • is a social networking site, where both hackers and open source projects are nodes
  • it pulls/polls/analyzes projects' cvs/svn/git repos, showing useful stats about them
  • tracks connections between people and projects (what's your committer username for each project)
  • tracks which projects people use (your "stack")
  • lets people give each other props ("kudos")
  • is super ajax-y, taggy, web 2.0-y
  • is wiki-like, in that everybody can edit just about anything
  • lets you do reviews
  • .....
  • so much more
Very well done.

Probably a bit niche, but if you use or contribute to open source, I recommend it.... quite fun.
Tags: tech

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