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On Leaving SixApart [Aug. 6th, 2007|02:47 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
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There's a bit of accuracy in this ValleyWag story, in that I'm leaving SixApart. But the reasons ValleyWag cites for me leaving aren't so accurate.

Yes, I'm bored, but that boredom isn't SixApart's fault. I've been doing this whole LiveJournal thing for about 9 years now. Even though I haven't been working on LiveJournal itself for perhaps a year or more now, people still think I am, and it's probably time to distance myself from it and move on... I just need a change. LiveJournal's in good hands -- I'm not worried about it. I haven't touched the code or the servers in ages, so I know it's fine.

I've really enjoyed working with everybody at SixApart, especially on public projects like MogileFS, Perlbal, OpenID, djabberd, Gearman, TheSchwartz, etc. But all that stuff basically just works now[1], solving the problems they were meant to solve, and I find myself out of new things to work on.

Since I've always been just kinda been a floater engineer at SixApart, never really part of (or head of) a group, I just feel a bit detached now without something obviously broken consuming all of my time & attention. There are plenty of other groups at SixApart having fun working on other problems, so I could join one of those groups, but I think this is just a good point in my life to change directions a bit.

My apologies that there's not more drama to this whole story. :)

[1] Yes, things can always be better. But relatively good, compared to the past.


[User Picture]From: seishin
2007-08-06 10:11 pm (UTC)
I cant help but look with that statement but with a raised eyebrow and a scoff of disbelief, especially considering the current PR nightmare that 6A is inflicting upon themselves by ignoring the flood of comments at news and lj_biz.

I barely recognize this place from the one I signed up on back in 2001. :(
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