Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

mailing lists

Fun with sh....
$ cd /var/lib/mailman/lists
$ (for LIST in *;do (echo -n "$LIST ";list_members $LIST|wc -l); done)|sort -n -k2

mailman 1
brackup 13
memcached-commits 14
gearman 25
djabberd 123
perlbal 197
mogilefs 347
yadis 413
memcached 1120
Guess I know which projects are popular.

(yadis is the old name for OpenID, btw...)

I'm actually surprised that brackup has any subscribers, considering I just put up the mailing list and there's been like zero posts so far.

(playing with qpsmtpd... adding more fun plugins)
Tags: tech
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