Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Stereo in the bathroom

I bought an Airport Express recently, not so much for wireless (I already have wireless in the house), but for the AirTunes. (and also now I can have my "FitzPrivate" ESSID, in addition to the existing "FitzPublic"...)

Anyway, now I just regularly play all music on all house speakers from iTunes, playing off mt-daapd on my server.

So when I was in the bathroom just now, listening to the music which followed me from the office, I was trying to remember how I'd hooked up the left & right channels in the bathroom ceiling speakers (2) from my HTD MA-1235 ...

I seem to recall I positioned left & right for the sitter, not the stander, figuring the sitter is going to be there longer and would more appreciate the stereo not being backwards.

Tags: random, tech

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