Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Battery exchanged...

4 trips to BMW later, my motorcycle works...

trip 1: "Yo, I need a trickle charger."
trip 2: "Trickle didn't trickle. 0 volts." "Oh, here, borrow this real charger." (didn't ask my name or anything... impressive trust in lending!)
trip 3: "Here's real charger back, the trickle charger is trickling now..."
[go home...]
[see trickler is flashing again.... measure: 0 volts.]
call store: "Yo, me again, it's flashing." "Okay, come back, I got a new battery for you."
trip 4: "Hey." "Hey." (hands over battery, and Torx screwdriver)

Then, some disassembly...

A dozen some screws and some greasy hands later, it runs.

Time for a ride!
Tags: motorcycle

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