Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Defending my integrity

I was a little offended by my ex's accusation that I used my database access at LiveJournal to find her "emo rants", implying I found her "secret" journal or read her "private" posts.

On the contrary:

1) I searched for usernames matching "culver". And I found her not-so-secret blog: leahculver. It's her name. I could've found the same with any search engine: [Leah Culver]. I used the database because I had it open.

2) She has no emo rants. She has two public posts. I used my web browser to see them. Neither interesting.

3) The text in the LJ database isn't even plaintext, so even if she did have private posts, a query couldn't get to them... you'd need to use a web tool with an admin tool which does ACLs and logging. (Logging! Any administrative view-private-stuff on LJ is logged forever, and any admin can review who's doing what privileged actions and why....)

So yeah... not like Facebook at all.
Tags: rant
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