Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

iphone's SMS quota ... wtf?

Everytime I use the SMS app on my iphone, I get a stupid little pop-up which says:
Your SMS mailbox is almost full. Please delete some messages.

Except for one thing.... I have 6.96 GB of free space!

And now I find out it's been silently dropping incoming text messages, even though new outgoing ones I write go into my history, which made me think either 1) I haven't hit the limit yet, or 2) they, despite the 7GB of free space I have left, are using a queue for my SMS quota, pushing out old ones.

But no.

Silently dropping incoming texts, and annoying me with an alert box.

In conclusion, my dearest Apple, I'm disappointed. Anybody but you would've got my standard "eat a dick, learn to write some software" answer.
Tags: hate, iphone, tech
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