Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I, for one, welcome our new Russian Overlords.


So by now I guess you've all heard the news: SUP bought LiveJournal from Six Apart.

This is pretty cool because:
-- They're ridiculously excited about LiveJournal, and have been for awhile (they previous purchased advertising rights in Russia, but ended up doing a bunch of Russia-specific LJ development as well)
-- They want to throw a lot of resources at LiveJournal in terms of product development and engineers.
-- ", Inc." now stands alone again, focusing on nothing but LJ.
-- Sounds like I'll have more LJ influence (via new role as advisory board member) than I've had recently.

And to note:
-- I just found out about this last week and don't have much more details than I've read in the news posts. I definitely wasn't involved in this.... this all happened after I left Six Apart.
-- I get no fatty payout via SUP, SixApart, my non-liquid SixApart stock (if this increases 6A's value), or any other means. I wish I did.
-- Goats have an average life expectancy of 12 years. They can live as long as 17 years. Frank's still good.
-- I'm still not migrating my journal. (people keep asking me every time something on LJ changes)
-- "In Soviet Russia, SUP buys you." (courtesy coffeechica)

Now I get to sit back and watch all the community reactions and conspiracy theories. I can't wait to see what everybody hypothesizes about the Kremlin, Jews, etc. Always fun to watch.
Tags: livejournal, sup

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